Discover the Durability and Elegance of Oak Framed Buildings

Oak framed buildings have been around for centuries, however in modern times they are still as popular – and beautiful – as ever. With their traditional look and feel, oak framed buildings make a stunning addition to any property.

Why Choose Oak Framed Buildings?

There are many advantages of an oak framed building. Firstly, there is the strength and stability that comes from using a natural material like oak. Oak has been used for centuries in construction because of its strength and durability, meaning your building will last for years to come.

Secondly, there are the aesthetic benefits of oak framed buildings. The look of an oak frame can be beautiful and timeless, creating a unique feature in any garden or home. Oak structures have been used in historic buildings for centuries, so you can take advantage of this traditional look by choosing an oak framed building.

Finally, oak framed buildings are also incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking to create a home office, outdoor gym or extra living space, an oak framed building can be adapted to suit your exact needs.

Why Choose Oakley Framing?

Oak framed buildings offer a beautiful and traditional look that will enhance any outdoor space. Strong and secure, they can be tailored to your own requirements and come in a range of sizes. Whether you’re looking for a small garden shed or an outdoor room, oak framed buildings are the perfect choice.


Oak Framed Extension – St Albans

Oak Framed Garage – Mancester

Oak Framed Orangery – Norwich

Bespoke Design & Build

At Oakley Framing we offer a bespoke design and build service that allows you to customise
your building to your exact requirements. The process consists of three simple steps:

Choose the size and layout for your oak framed building

Select any additional options or features that you would like to include in the design

Receive a 3D design and quote from us with all the details required for installation

Available for orders placed this month only!

November Offer – Up to 10% off your first order!

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Allow us to bring your vision to life! We’ll discuss your requirements, create a stunning 3D design, and provide a detailed project quote. Enjoy a 5-10% discount on November orders scheduled within 6 months. Secure your project date with just a 10% deposit. Let’s make it happen!


What our customers think

“Oakley Framing has been my go-to supplier for oak framed buildings for several years now. The unwavering quality of their products and their exceptional customer service have kept me coming back, project after project. Highly recommended!”

Richard M – Builder


“I recently had an oak framed garage built by Oakley Framing at my home in Cheltenham to accommodate my new EV car and workshop. The entire process was professional and stress-free. I’ve received lots of positive feedback from family and friends, and even inspired my brother to choose Oakley Framing for a similar project. Highly impressed!”

Ahmed S – Satisfied Customer


“I recently had an oak framed extension built for my Wiltshire home by Oakley Framing. From start to finish, the process was exceptional. Their quality of work, professionalism, and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Janette G – Satisfied Customer



What size are oak framed buildings?

Oak framed buildings come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the perfect one for your available space. From small garden sheds and workshops to large home offices and outdoor rooms, you’ll find something to suit your needs.

What other materials are used?

Oak framed buildings use a combination of other materials alongside the oak frame. These include brick or stone walls, traditional roof tiles and modern glazing. The exact materials you choose will depend on your budget and design requirements.

How long does it take to build an oak framed building?

The length of time it takes to build an oak framed building varies depending on the size and complexity of the design. A smaller structure can usually be completed in a matter of days, whereas larger and more complex designs may take weeks or even months.

What is the cost of an oak framed building?

The cost of an oak framed building depends on the size and materials used, as well as any additional features such as glazing or internal finishes. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere between £2,000 and £20,000 for a standard structure.

Are oak framed buildings secure?

Yes, oak framed buildings are very secure. The frames can be strengthened with metal ties and their solid construction means they’re much harder to break into than other types of building. You can also add additional security features such as locks and alarms for extra peace of mind.

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